• 1 batata (potato) 6 to 8 bhindi (lady finger vegetable) 1 karela (bitter gourd) 1 brinjal (egg plant/ aubergine) ½ cup rice powder 2 teaspoon haldi (turmeric) powder 2 teaspoon red chilly (pepper) powder

Every family in the beautiful coastal state of Goa depend on rice and fish for their staple food. But Goans also love their vegan food. This particular recipe is a typical traditional style of Goan veggies fried to a crisp. The specialty of Goan Fodi is that it is fried in a coarse powder of rice which give it that distinctive goan flavor that all relish with great gusto.


  1. Cut the batatapotatoes horizontally into thin slices/ roundels about 2 mm thick.
  2. Slit bhendi lengthwise.
  3. Slice brinjals into thin roundels about 5 mm thick.
  4. Slice Karela into thin roundels about 1 mm thick.
  5. Apply salt to the vegetable roundels and keep for 15 minutes.
  6. Drain off the water that is released from the vegetables.
  7. Apply haldi/ turmeric and red chilly powder.
  8. Roll them in the coarse rice powder until each slice is fully coated.
  9. Now fry them on a tava (pan) in oil till crisp brown. Turn them to ensure they are crisp brown on both sides.
Veg Fodi chips

Tips to make the rice powder (Aalen):  Grind the rice (not basmati variety but preferably any other ordinary rice will do) coarsely in a mixer grinder. It should not be fine or else the chips/ fodi will not feel as crisp.

Coarse rice flourcut veggiescover with rice flourFry well






Tips for the chips/ Fodi: For karela, add 1 teaspoon imli/ tamarind paste, a pinch of sugar and rest of the spices as above for an enhanced flavor.


Goa Fries