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Welcome 2013 with a round-up of some of the best recipes of 2012

based on the exotic, unusual, taste, health & above all popular choice of readers…………………………


Karela Chutney

Karate or Karela (bitter gourd) is said to keep blood sugar levels in control. Due to its bitter taste it is generally shunned by most people, but this recipe in the form of a chutney adds a new dimension due to the exotic blend of goan masalas which make it a flavoursome tongue tingler to accompany any meal.

2-Batat Fodi

Veg Fodi chipsThis particular recipe is a typical traditional style of Goan veggies fried to a crisp. The specialty of Goan Fodi is that it is fried in a coarse powder of rice which give it that distinctive goan flavor that all relish with great gusto.


3-French bean salad

Farasbee raita

A refreshing salad made in curd/ yoghurt, Farasbee raita is a complete meal in itself, and can also be eaten as a main course along with roti/ chapatti/ parathas/ breads.

4-Onion Bhakri

Kanyachi Bhakri

Kanyachi Bhakri is made of coarse unrefined flour and with grated coconut which are a rich source of fiber that helps in digestion. Gur is basically unrefined (lumpy brown) sugar also called jaggery and is rich in calcium and iron.

5-Gup-chup poli

Gupchup poli


Gup-Chup Poli is a simple rural style eggless cake popular in the state of Maharashtra.

6-Pav bhaji

Pav Bhaji

This fast food recipe is favourite of all  Indians. Perfection in making this bhaji lies in mashing the vegetables and blending them well.


7-Goan Bean Curry (Ulsane tonak)

Alsaney Tonak


Ulsane/ Alsaney are bright brown beans available only in the “Goa” state of India. These Ulsane beans are distinctly different in flavour from the north Indian Rajma beans which are darker in colour.

8-Masoor masala

Masoor Masala

Among the lentils masoor needs less soaking time and cooks easily too. Masoor  grain is available in two sizes. The small grained variety is more tastier.

9-Pumpkin bharta

Pumpkin Bharta


This yellow colored vegetable is rich in vitamin A and is excellent for your skin. Pumpkin bharta (mashed) is prepared without oil  thus it is very healthy.

10-Khatkhate Goan veg stew

Allow the Khatkhate to stew well

This particular vegetable stew is a speciality of the lovely beach lined state of GoaKhatkhate simply means stew.

11-Hyderabadi khatti dal

Hyderabadi Khatti DalLentils /Dals are the major source of protein in a vast majority of the vegetarian population. These are made in the form of a curry or soup and are usually accompanied with rice or roti bread.This dal is a speciality of the Nawab state of Hyderabad and has a unique sour tangy taste hence the name “khatti” meaning sour.

12-Chocolate Rum & Raisins cake

Rum & Raisins cake

This is a simple chocolate cake but the rum & raisins with the cashew give it a very luxurious flavor that will ensure a compliment from your guests & family.

13-Ukdiche modak

Ukadiche ModakA very special sweet offering to the Lord Ganesha (Elephant headed god worshipped by hindus) especially during the main festival of Ganesh Chaturthi which usually occurs around September (based on the hindu lunar calendar). It is very similar to a dumpling or dim sum since it is steamed and the stuffing is sweet made with a mixure of grated coconut and jaggery of sugar (the stuffing so made is called as chunna or saran).

14-Misal pav

Misal pav

This is a FUN way to eat sprouts and the Misal Pav is a hugely popular fast food snack all along the west coast of India, especially in Maharashtra. The sprouts are added to Farsan namkeen and Sev (salted crunchy snacks) to make them tangy and crunchy and are eaten with bread buns called Pav, hence the name Misal Pav.

15-Baked aubergines

Baked Aubergines


A great way to enjoy aubergines or egg plant or brinjals or vangi or baingans. Simply baked with cheese.

16-Grandmas chakris



I have been munching on these delicious spiral crispy snacks since I was a toddler and I’m still very fond of these chakris that are so crisp and yet seem to dissolve in your mouth.

17-Fovache ladu

Fovanche Ladu

Pohe or pova or fove are beaten rice which being dry can be stored for many days. Laddus or Ladoos are sweets made in the shape of round balls. This recipe of my ma-in-law is for Fovanche ladu made with jaggery (partially processed lump brown sugar).

18-Goan Chivdo

Goan ChivdoChivda is a very popular crunchy salted snack all over India made from pova or beaten rice. The smell of the chivda wafting through the home gives a festive touch to the occasion. Making Chivda reminds me of Chinese food, more time spent in preparation and the final step very easy requires just mixing and stirring.

19- Vegetable Au Gratin

Vegetable Au Gratin Feat

Vegetable au gratin is originally a French dish and is a baked veggie preparation. My simpler variation of this gives you option that does not need baking. It is a dish low on spice and high on cheesy sauce.

20- Banana Blossoms

Banana blossoms bhaji

Bananas blossoms / kel ful is a very special preparation and not a part of the routine cusine and this recipe is from South Goa.