• 1 bunch thambdi bhaji/ lal math subji/ red leafy vegetable 1 large onion chopped fine 2 green chillies/ peppers 1 tablespoon grated coconut 2-3 kokum peels Salt to taste

Our ancestors (in Goa) always boasted of a good health. This was not only due to a much more active lifestyle but also due to the high level of leafy vegetables in their diet that was mainly steamed or cooked in water. There were hardly much use of oil or condiments. Thus retaining its original flavor as well as nutrients. A Sushegad (relaxed) attitude in the very fertile farmlands also could have played an important role in their health.

I hope many of you would pick up this recipe to add a small dose of health and happiness.

Thambdi bhaji essentially means Red Vegetable, since it uses a red leafy vegetable also know as lal math in Marathi & Hindi language as the main ingredient.


  1. Wash & separate the Tambdi bhaji leaves from the stalks. Use the tender stalks too. Throw away the mature stalks.
  2. Chop the leaves and stalks finely.
  3. In a pan, add the chopped onion. Now over this add the thambdi bhaji/ red leafy vegetable.
  4. Now add a tablespoon of water and the green chillies. Cover and cook.
  5. The vegetable will release it own juice and cook.
  6. Finally add salt, kokum peels and the grated coconut.

 Tips: This red leafy vegetable is very rich in iron and hence helps in maintaining a healthy haemoglobin level in blood.

Tambdi bhaji