• 2 cups basmati rice ¼ kg small Vangi/ Baingan/ brinjals/ aubergines/ egg plant (Tendli/Tindora/ Gherkins/ Ivy gourd, optional replacement for brinjals) ½ cup oil 2 tablespoon ghee 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 2 teaspoon coriander seeds 2 red chillies (peppers) ¼ cup grated coconut 2 medium sized onions chopped 1 cup coriander leaves chopped fine 10 to 12 cashewnuts 1 small ball amtan/imli/ tamarinds (without seed) ½ teaspoon turmeric powder 1 tablespoon jaggery (brown lump sugar) 5 cups water 1 tablespoon maharastrian goda masala (available in the market) or any other garam masala powder Salt to taste FOR THE TEMPERING: 2 bay leaves (tamalpatra) 1 teaspoon mustard seeds 7 to 8 curry leaves A pinch of asafoetida (hing) FOR GARNISHING: 1 Tablespoon coconut 1 tablespoon coriander leaves chopped

A very simple homely rice preparation of the state of Maharashtra with Aubergines/ Brinjals/ Egg plant/ Baingan/ Vangi as the main vegetable.  It is a sort of Pilaff/ Pulao/ Pulav made with Vangi. You can also substitute the Vangi with Tendli to make a Tendli Bhath Pilaff. The Goda masala is typical to all Maharashtrian cuisine and is available in every Marathi home. It consists of roasted blend of Spices and grated dry coconut. This pulav makes a great combination with dahi/ raita/ yoghurt and some papads/ papadoms



I normally cook this in a pressure pan, but you can use any type of rice cooker.


  1. Wash rice thoroughly and keep it aside for ½ an hour.
  2. Cut each vangi/brinjal into 4 pieces.  Keep them in a bowl of salt water to avoid  them from decolourising. ( If Tendli/ Tindora/ Gherkins/ Ivy gourd is used, slice lenghtwise into 4 pieces, these need not be kept in salt water).
  3. Dry roast the cumin seeds, coriander seeds and red chillies. Then dry  roast the grated coconut till golden. Grind all this roasted garam masala , coconut and the tamarind to a paste.
  4. Take a Kadai/ pan, add oil and ghee. When the oil & ghee gets heated add bay leaves, hing, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Once the mustard seeds begin to crackle add the chopped onions and fry till golden brown.
  5. Add the cashew nuts and fry till golden.
  6. Add in the rice and fry for 2 minutes.
  7. Add in the brinjals and fry for 2 minutes
  8. In another pan heat 5 cups of water.
  9. Add the boiled water to the rice and mix well.
  10. Now add the masala paste (step no.3), turmeric powder, jaggery, coriander leaves, goda masala (or any other garam masala) and salt.
  11. Pressure cook till two whistles.
  12. Garnish with grated coconut and coriander leaves.
  13. Add a dollop of ghee(optional) and mix well. The vangi bhath/ tendli bhath is ready to be served.


Vangi bhath


Aubergine/ Brinjal

  • Scientific name : Solanum melogena
  • Aubergine, Egg plant, Brinjal, guinea squash(English)
  • Melanzana (Italian)
  • Kathirikkai (Malayalam)

Vangi bhath pulav

Tendli/ Ivy gourd

  • Scientific name : Coccinia grandis
  • Ivy gourd, Gherkins, Gentlemans toes (English)
  • Dondkaya, dondkai (Telugu)
  • Tondakayi (Kannada)
  • Vargoli (Hindi)
  • Tindora, Ghiloda (Gujarati)
  • Tondli (Marathi)
  • Tendli (Konkani)
  • Kovakkai (Malayalam)
  • Kovaikai (Tamil)
  • Goli (Rajasthani)
  • Kundru (Uttar Pradesh)