Mango Sansav Feat


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MANGO SASAV CURRY (ORIGINAL RECIPE) What’s good about this Mango Sasav Curry is that it requires no cooking. Quick to prepare and very tasty.The mangoes required are the… Read More »

Cooval Feat


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This is a very simple and basic coconut curry popular in the coastal state of Goa which is rich with may coconut plantations. It also contains a good… Read More »

Oyster curry Feat


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KALVA TONAK/ OYSTER CURRY Oysters and clams are often considered as the same thing but there are many differences between these two. Though both belong to the Mollusc… Read More »

Mulya cho roas - Dal Feat


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MULYA CHO ROAS is a traditional curry made of Tuvar dal/ split red gram and Radish/ mooli and generally eaten with steamed rice. This is usually accompanied by… Read More »

Mango Souffle Feat


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This lipsmacking mango preparation is specially created to indulge your sweet tooth. This is made without the use of eggs. Enjoy a bowlful of this chilled pudding with… Read More »