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Welcome 2013 with a round-up of some of the best recipes of 2012

based on the exotic, unusual, taste, health & above all popular choice of readers…………………………


1-Chicken Cafreal

Chicken Cafreal

Chicken Cafreal belongs to the exotic state of Goa in India which was a Portuguese colony for 400 years. This has influenced the Goan cuisine to a large extent and Cafreal is one of the masterpieces passed on through generations.

2-Goan Fish Fry

Goa king fish fry and prawn cutlets

The specialty of Goan fish fry is that it is fried in a coarse powder of rice which give it that distinctive goan flavor that has every gourmand asking for more.

3-Mutton Rogan-Josh

Mutton Rogan Josh

This recipe originated from Kashmir and I modified it as per my kids liking. The speciality of this dish is the sweet tasting spices which give it a different flavor from any other mutton preparations.


4-Tandoori prawns

Prawns TandooriThis delicacy is easy to prepare and has an irresistible taste. These tempting Tandoori Sungta/ Jhinga/ Kolambi/Prawns/ Shrimps/ Crevette/Garnelen/ Camaron/ Xia can be served as starters or can be the main course served with rice and curry.



Prawn Cutlet - Sungtan che danger

A popular Goan variety of cutlets made with prawns as the main ingredient. This mild flavored preparation  will surely be a hit with seafood lovers all over the world.

6-Mutton Xacuti

Mutton Xacuti

A very delicious Goan  preparation, Xacuti is a must for every Goan  feast. The spices are well blended with the coconut thus giving a perfect taste to the Mutton Shakuti gravy.


7-Goan prawn curry – hooman

Sungtan HoomanGoans love their fish curry rice very much. The preparation for each curry varies  according to the taste of the fish.

Some variety of fish has strong fishy smell and by using ginger or triphala we try to kill the smell.The secret of making a good prawn curry lies in grinding the coconut to a fine paste.

8-Mori mutton

Mori MuttonThis popular Konkani preparation originates in the coastal state of Goa. Called Moriye che mutton or Mori (Indian Dog Shark) Mutton, it is a fish curry that is rich in Vitamin B-12 and is a good source of Magnesium, Niacin, Vitamin B-6 and Omega-3’s. It is a good tasty and healthy alternative for people who don’t eat red meat.



A speciality of the coastal state of Goa, this dry fish Kissmore is usually the spicy accompaniment to a simple meal of steamed rice and dal cho roas (lentil soup).

10-Pickled mackerel

Pickled Mackeral

Mackerel fish or Bangdo is curried in many  ways in the coastal regions, but this Goan way of pickling the Mackerel fish is unique and will tempt your senses with its aroma.

11-Dum pukht chicken biryani

Hyderabadi dum biryani - ChickenBiryani is a special form of rice preparation made with spices and fragrant rice (usually Basmati variety) alongwith meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. The word biryani is supposed to be derived from the Persian word Berya(n) which means fried or roasted.


12-Stuffed Mackerels

Stuffed bangda

The Goans love to stuff different types of masala into their fish for example Raeshad masala which is red in colour or the special Pachvo (Green) masala which is the one used in this recipe.

13-Sardines goan dry masala

Tarllyan che sukhe

Rice & Fish are the predominant features of the coastal areas of India. This recipe of Tarlle Sukhe is a dry masala preparation of Sardine Fish and is a typical fish dry masala style of Goa.

14- Chicken Red Cafreal

Chicken Red Cafreal

Cafreal is one of the masterpieces passed on through generations of Goans with influence of Portuguese cuisine. It is made in a deliciously spicy fragrant red marinade.

15- Chicken Goa Masala

Chicken Konkani Goa Masala

A simple chicken preparation recipe handed down to me by my aunt Mandakaki, a gourmet cook who served this to us kids with big doses of love. This chicken masala gets a complete look when accompanied with the special French fries peas pulav.

16- Caramel Pudding

Caramel pudding

Caramel Pudding is one of the traditional yet simple puddings and with Christmas so close…just the right time to share with all you love.

17- Tangdi Malai Kebab

Tangdi kebab

Kebabs are succulent meats made either by mincing meat (chicken, mutton, lamb etc), cubing small pieces or large pieces/ legs. These can be either barbequed/ grilled or can be shallow fried.


18- Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Chicken fried rice


Goes well with Chinese sweet sour vegetables.

19- Bombay Duck, Green Masala

Bombayduck Green Masala FeatBombay duck  fresh fish has a jelly like consistency and is also available as dry fish.The scientific name is Harpadon neherius and is called loytta in Bengali, bummili in Kerala and Bombil in Marathi. Despite its name it is not a duck but is a lizardfish. The chinese call it by a name that means hardfish.

20- Chicken Palak/ Spinach

Chicken Spinach/ Palak

Chicken Palak is a simple chicken preparation in thick gravy made from spinach.