• ½ kg boneless mutton or chicken or kheema or paneer (if you prefer without meat) Mix the following well and rub on the chicken or paneer:- ½ cup drained or hung dahi / curd (unsweetened yoghurt) 1 teaspoon garlic paste 1 teaspoon ginger paste ½ tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon oil 1 tablespoon raw papaya juice (optional , it acts as a meat tenderizer) 1 teaspoon chilly powder (pepper) 1 teaspoon black pepper powder Salt to taste For the dough:- 1 cup refined whear flour (maida) 2 cups regular wheat flour ¼ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon oil 6 eggs For salad:- 2 medium sized onion cut into rings 3 green chillies (pepper) chopped finely Salt to taste Black pepper to taste Juice of ½ lemon

An easy to make fast food recipe that is very popular with the teen crowds specially around the college campuses. Stuffed Katha rolls/ a type of frankie are a convenient to pack and carry for picnics. The stuffing can be a choice of different meats or for those who would prefer to avoid meat, they can use paneer (cottage cheese) instead.



  1. Keep the meat pieces in the marinade for 2-3 hours, and cook on skewers or tava/ pan till dry.
  2. To make the katha roti wraps, take the ingredients for the dough and knead well with ¼ cup water and keep it aside for at least 1 hour.
  3. Mix all the salad ingredients and keep aside.
  4. Make 6 balls of dough, roll big katha rotis (wraps) and roast them on both sides using a tava/ pan.
  5. Once the wraps are ready, put 1 tablespoon oil on a tava/ pan, place a roti wrap on it.
  6. Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and spread a thin layer on the roti wrap and turn the roti to fry the egg layered side.
  7. Turn the roti again and put the meat mixture on the egg layered side along the centre line (diameter). You can alternatively use left overs like chicken kheema or paneer masala.
  8. Add the salad onto this and sprinkle chat masala (spicy salt mixture) – this is optional. You can replace this with some tangy sauce or mustard sauce as per your preference.
  9. Wrap the roti around the filling. Fold one end of the roll to avoid any filling or sauce from leaking out.
  10. Place this in a bag or tissue for ease of holding to eat.
  11. The Katha roll is now ready to serve.

Katha roll