• 3 Khapi fish 1 teaspoon haldi (turmeric) powder 3 teaspoon red chilly (pepper) powder 1 tablespoon tamarind pulp 1 cup rice coarse powder Oil to fry Salt to taste

Every family in the beautiful costal state of Goa depend on rice and fish for their staple food. The fish is either cooked as a curry or fried.  Goa is home to many types of sea food. This particular recipe is a typical traditional style of Goan Khapi fish fry. The specialty of Goan fish fry is that it is fried in a coarse powder of rice which give it that distinctive goan flavor that has every gourmand asking for more.

Khapi fish

This variety of fish is called “KHAPI

 Apply masala to fish filets, roll in rice powder & fry


For detailed method refer this link for Goa Fish Fry.

Fry well on all sides, fry tail piece vertical so that the cut face is well fried too

add a dash of oil to fry crisp

Fry filets well by turning on all sides

Khapi fish fry - Goa