• 4 full blades of lemon grass chopped ½ inch of ginger ¼ teaspoon methi / fenugreek seeds ½ teaspoon badishep / saunf/ aniseed 4 leaves of tulsi / basil (optional) 1 teaspoon regular sugar or a lump of crystal sugar (khadi sakhar)

Traditionally lemon grass / ganjan  is an ancient ingredient in all far eastern / oriental traditional recipes and ayurvedic medicines for its healing properties as a herbal green tea potion for soothing sore throats. It also has digestive as well as diuretic properties. Most importantly it’s a great refreshing beverage at any time of the day and can be added to regular tea too. Very popular with my kids when they feel a bit down with a cold or flu, this really peps them up and gears them up for their soccer practice etc. The Chinese use the root of this grass herb, whereas in India lemon grass known as Ganjan or gavti cha the below recipe is made by using the fresh or dried grass blades. Spices that are good for the throat are added to provide additional healing, zing and flavour.



  1. Crush the ginger and boil with ganjan / lemon grass, fenugreek seeds, aniseeds, and sugar in 6 cups of water.
  2. Boil until the juices are fully extracted. The tea will look golden yellow- green with a fragrant aroma.
  3. Drink it hot and say goodbye to your cold.
  4. The ginger & basil also provides soothing and healing properties to your throat.

Lemon Grass Kasayam