• 1 cup rice fine powder 1 cup maida ½ cup melted white butter (loni/home made makkhan) OR Alternate to white butter is Vanaspati (hardened fat) 1 tablespoon dry red chilly powder 2 tablespoon cumin seed powder ½ teaspoon asafoetida/ hing powder ½ teaspoon carom seeds 1 tablespoon sesame seeds Salt to taste (about 3 levelled tablespoons- mix one at a time and taste the dough)

Chakris/ Chaklis are favourite among young and old. No Indian festival can be complete without a plate of chakris. I have been munching on these delicious spiral crispy snacks since I was a toddler and I’m still very fond of these chakris that are so crisp and yet seem to dissolve in your mouth.

There are many varieties of chakli but, this is the first time I tried my mom’s recipe and it turned out perfect ! crunchy & munchy. Frankly speaking they aren’t a difficult preparation too, so do try them out this Diwali festival and watch the smile light up on your family’s faces.

chakri doughChakri extruding plate & tool





make a round ball of the dough and fill in the chakri makerpush out the dough through the form and make round sprials





press out chakri through the chakri makerdough squeezed in chakri form





slowly release the chakri into the hot oildeep fry the chakri





keep the fried chakri on paper to absorb excess oilfreshly fried chakris






  1. Mix together the rice fine powder & maida (refined wheat flour) together.
  2. Roast both the powders in a pan for 3 to 5 minutes on a slow flame. Cool it.
  3. In a pan take the above powders and mix in the chilli powder, cumin powder, hing powder, carom seeds, salt, sesame seeds & turmeric powder. Also add the molten butter & knead the batter well with a small amount of water, such that the dough is hard and yet smooth & homogenous.
  4. Its important to taste the batter and adjust the amount of chilly powder & salt as per your taste.
  5. Now break off a large ball of batter and knead it into a ball and elongate it. Stuff this elongated batter into the chakri mould presser & fit the pressing handle. You can chose a star shape plate of your choice from the ready set available. Now press the handle to extrude a long noodle of the batter and turn it in a circular motion to form a spiral circular shape called “chakri”. For ease of handling the soft batter chakri, it is best to extrude it on a plastic sheet so that it can be easily transferred without breakage onto your palm, before releasing it into the hot oil for deep frying.
  6. Heat a kadhai/ pan of oil and deep fry the chakryo (plural of chakri) till brown & crisp on medium flame.
  7. Place them on a tissue paper to cool before storing in an airtight container.
  8. It can be stored in this way easily for even a couple of months or more.

Though it is specially made as a part of “Diwali Faral” special snacks made during the festival of Lights in India, it is also a popular item made during other festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Bijoya Dashami, holi etc.

In modern times Chaklis are easily available in stores throughout the year, but the excitement of making them at home during the special festive occasions is something else and what the family looks forward to.