• ½ kg amla1 kg sugar Few strands of kesar optional Or few seeds of green cardamom seeds optional

A simple traditional sweet preserve of gooseberries passed on through generations. Good to taste with breads both with breakfast as well as a quick meal. Great for health. As it matures it resembles honey in taste as well as consistency.




  1. Prick the amla all over  with a fork and soak them overnight in plenty of water. This helps in removing the raw repulsive taste from the amla.
  2. Drain and dispose the water.
  3. Now take enough water to just about cover the amla and parboil them. Dispose the water. (there is no loss of Vitamin C due to this. For experienced cooks you can steam them to parboil)
  4. In another pan take the sugar and add just enough water to wet & cover the sugar. On a slow flame allow the sugar to dissolve and form a consistency of one thread (check stickeness between thumb and forefinger and this should form one thread when you pull the fingers apart, refer photo)
  5. Add amla to it and cook it in the syrup till a consistency of 2 threads.
  6. Switch off the flame and add kesar/ cardamom and allow to cool.
  7. Best stored in a glass bottle. Can be preserved for upto 1 year.


Amla murabba


cook the amla in sugar syrupcheck syrup for consistency