• ½ litre milk 250 gms condensed milk 3 tablespoons/ 50 gms fine semolina/ seviyan 1 teaspoon ghee 1 teaspoons raisins (optional) 1 teaspoon badam / almond slivers 1 pinch of small elaichi/ cardamom


 A traditional sweet dish (dessert) made during major festivals & special occasions in India and many eastern countries, the Seviyan Kheer is made with Vermicelli in condensed milk spiced with mild saffron and garnished with a mix of various dry fruits. Seviyan chi kheer is specially prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi, Ramzan Id (here this dish is referred to as Sheer Korma) and for wedding celebrations.


  1. Heat a pan/ vessel and add a teaspoon of ghee and roast the fine seviyan till they are brown. Pre-roasted seviyan are also available in the market.
  2. Boil the milk and add the roasted seviyan and cook for 5 minutes with continuous stirring.
  3. Add condensed milk, raisins and almond slivers. Sprinkle cardamom powder.
  4. Tip: you can also make the kheer without condensed milk. Use buffalo milk (this is denser compared to cow’s milk and has higher fat content) and add 3 tablespoons of sugar. If you use condensed milk, addition of sugar is not needed.