• 3 cups pohe (beaten rice)
  • 1 cup jaggery
  • 2 tablespoons cashewnuts (broken into bits)
  • 7 tablespoons water
  • 3 tablespoons khuskhus/ poppy seeds roasted for 2 minutes

Pohe or pova or fove are beaten rice which being dry can be stored for many days and can be used to make many types of snacks / faral especially during festive occassions like Deepavali / Diwali, such as fullaylle fove, kallaylle fove, batat fove, Chivda etc.

This recipe is made from Fove of polished white rice. A traditional variety of fove is the one made from unpolished red rice, i.e. the rice with its bran coating which are rich in nutrients.

Laddus or Ladoos are sweets made in the shape of round balls and could be of various types like besan ke laddu, motichur laddu, rawa laddu, moong laddu, petha ladu, biyanche laddu. This recipe of my ma-in-law is for Fovanche ladu made with jaggery (partially processed lump brown sugar).

Simple to make, filling and nutritious while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Beaten Rice- polished Beaten Rice - Unpolished red rice







  1. Deep      fry the fove/      pova/      pohe      and drain off the oil, place them on a tissue to mop off the excess oil.      You can alternatively use the “diet      chivda” easily available on most Indian stores, which      are probably baked poha      and a healthier option. If you use these strain off the excess salt.
  2. Take      a heavy bottom pan & add 7 tablespoon water. To this add the jaggery.      Heat it to melt the jaggery to form 3 string syrup ( check the stickiness      of the syrup between thumb & forefinger, it should show 3 strings of      stickiness between your fingers), this indicates that the consistency and      viscosity is just as required.
  3. Constant      observation to ensure the 3 string consistency is necesssary; roll up a      small ball of the thick hard syrup & drop it in a steel cup/ katori/ vati.      If it makes a sound, the syrup is ready. Switch off the heat.
  4. Now      mix in the fove/      poha      & cashew nut bits thouroughly.
  5. Pour      the mixture on a plate and take small lumps and roll into round balls/ ladoos. Its easier to roll laddus if you      apply ghee/ butter onto your palms before rolling the mixture, to avoid      the hot molten jaggery from stinging your palms & sticking to your      hands.
  6. Press      the ball hard together as you roll the laddusto prevent them from disintegrating      and falling apart.
  7. Finally      roll the round laddus      in a plate of fine poppy seeds, while the laddus      are still warm.
  8. The      poppy seeds not only give it a rich texture and taste, but also lend it a      beautiful appearance.
  9. These      Fovanche Laduare ready to serve, and can be      stored for many days.


Fovanche Ladu