• 1 cup milk 1 slice of bread 1 egg ¼ cup sugar ¼ cup sugar for caramel ½ teaspoon vanilla essence ½ teaspoon water

Caramel Pudding is one of the traditional yet simple puddings and with Christmas so close…just the right time to share with all you love.


  1. Soak the bread slice in the milk for 2 minutes.
  2. Now blend together in a mixer the milk, egg and sugar. Add in the vanilla essence and mix.
  3. Take an aluminium tin and add 1 teaspoon water. Heat the tin on a slow flame and add the sugar. Hold the tin with a holder and caramelize the sugar till amber colour, by moving the tin slowly to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed on the tin to avoid charring.
  4. Now pour the blended pudding mixture on the caramel and steam for 20 minutes in a steamer without covering. You can also use the pressure cooker vessel for this but don’t use the lid & whistle. Large quantity can be made by doubling the quantity.
  5. Once cool, just turn it upside down slowly, taking care to maintain the whole shape.
  6. The caramel pudding is ready to be sliced and served.

Caramel pudding underside

Caramel pudding