• 115 gms butter 115 gms castor (powdered) sugar 55 gms sugar for caramel 150ml hot milk 2 eggs 170gms (maida) flour 1 teaspoon baking powder

A favourite of my kids since early childhood till their teens, the Caramel Cake is a very uncommon recipe passed through generations in my family and an unique experience for all.



  1. Cream the butter and castor sugar together. In case castor sugar is not available you can use the crystal sugar after grinding to a fine powder.
  2. Separate the eggs  whites  and yolks .
  3. Beat the egg yolks and add it to the above butter sugar mixture.
  4. Make a light caramel with 55 gms sugar (take sugar in a frying pan and add a teaspoon of water to aid dissolution and melting. Start melting the sugar on a low flame until the colour of the molten sugar changes from white transparent to golden brown, immediately remove from flame.)
  5.  Add hot milk to this freshly prepared caramel and allow to cool.
  6. When the caramel milk mixture is at room temperature, add it to the creamed mixture.
  7. Sieve flour and baking powder together to remove any lumps or hard particulates and also to homogenize the powder to ensure smooth baking batter.
  8. Add the sieved flour to the creamed mixture in small portions at a time with rigorous and continuous beating to ensure smooth consistency of the batter till all flour is added.
  9. Now fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites.
  10.  Grease a tin container with butter and dust finely with some maida (refined flour).
  11. Add the batter to this container and bake it in a preheated oven.
  12. Toppings of dates is highly recommended to give a grand finish to this mouth watering Caramel Cake.