About Me!

The site name says it all, i believe all can cook! I am a homemaker & you know what that means. With 2 growing  boys to care for (& who seem to be hungry all the time), there are many opportunities to try new tricks in the kitchen all the time. I never thought I could cook when I got married. Though I have loved to bake intermittently as a teen I never though of myself as a cook.  Now all of it seems so easy and most of it is fun too (some I admit is hard work, but there are tricks to get around that with some simple tips).

All Can Cook, is my attempt to share all these simple techniques, skills & tips that make cooking an enjoyable and satisfying experience. For those not too keen on cooking, these tips can help turning food making from a chore to something that you easily breeze through, and may even inspire to further once you see the happiness you have the power to spread amongst your loved ones.

I have some awesome collection of recipes and so, i have made this site for all those home makers who want to try out new, simple and delicious food but simply need a bit of inspiration. So this is me, Lynda, sharing my cooking experiences with you, with a special section for my all time favourites.

They often say, the way into a man’s heart, is through his stomach.

I would say that a hungry man is an angry man. Feed him well and you have a happy family.

Also good home made fresh food keeps all my loved ones healthy and beautiful. Apart from being a homemaker, I ensure I have enough time for many other interests and passions. Other than cooking, I enjoy gardening as a relaxation from other stressful activities (kids can give you  stress, I’m sure most moms would agree). Nature is my friend! I love flowers and greenery and I indulge myself in painting natural themes in my spare time. I also love listening to music (classical as well as popular) and reading books.

That’s me! Lynda………………………………